Week 10- Classmate Interview- Mimi Ly


Unfortunately I was unable to attend class this Thursday and missed out on the galleries. However I was able to obtain a classmate interview. Meet Mimi Ly she is currently a freshmen at Csulb, and is a Pre-Psychology major. I met her a few weeks ago when she arrived late to class, because her car over heated. It’s unfortunate that, that happened to her I really like cars, so when she told me that her car over heated I immediately thought of what could of happened. I came to a conclusion that it either needed oil, the radiator blew or didn’t have water, or due to the hot weather. Of course I didn’t get to tell her this, but I certainly hope she got it fixed.

Mimi as stated above is a freshmen at Csulb and like all people know already when you go to Soar you are stuck with Monday through Friday classes, which really sucks. She is from Westminster, Ca for those who don’t know were that is, it is the half way point from Csulb to Santa Ana. Seeing as it is only a 15-20 minute drive she commutes instead of dorming to save money. Mimi graduated from La Quinta High School, and intresting fact about her is that she took AP classes while in high school and was able to pass and get college credit for them meaning she knocked out some of her GE’s already. That was a very smart thing to do looking back I regret only taking one AP class. Another thing is that she’s currently a Hostess at Gen Korean Barbeque, I never heard of that place before, but Mimi says it’s a good place to eat so I shall try it someday. Aside from that Mimi’s favorite food is Sushi! I could not argue with her, because sushi is really good and is one of my favorite foods.

Mimi told me that she likes dogs and that she currently has 4 dogs! That’s a lot of dogs I can barely handle the two that I have. Her dogs names are Tyrone, Henry, Cornelius, and Mimi Jr. I chucked at the last dogs name. Aside from her pets Mimi likes Psychological Thrillers, it’s a no brainier since she is a psychology major. Her Favorite music include, Indie, Rock, Alternative, and EDM. I have no idea what EDM is as I do not keep up with the new music, but maybe it’s not bad and will give it a try. Overall meeting Mimi was a great experience wish her the best in her college and personal life.

Check her page out: www.hellomimily.wordpress.com/ Continue reading


Week 9- Classmate Interview- Savannah Cheung


This week I met a really cool person, her name Savannah Cheung. Savannah is really easy to talk to and has a great personality that I’m sure anyone could get along with. Savannah is currently a freshmen here at Csulb and is undeclared, but is leaning towards a major that has to do with design. She is originally from Rosemead, California. I had a confused face when she told me that because I’ve never heard of that place. She laughed and told me that if I didn’t know where it was to just know that it was near Pasadena. Still curious I ended up searching it up and found out that it indeed is near Pasadena and not far from what I originally thought. It still is quite far though, and this is why Savannah dorms.

While talking with her I found out she has two brothers an older brother and a younger brother, which means she is the middle child! This is really cool because I am the middle child in my family as well, but instead of two brothers I have two sisters, and you know what they say the middle children are always the best! I also found out that she rather play sports then watch them, but that she really isn’t into sports, she did however run track and cross country for her high school which is really hard, well for me since cross country is a lot of running like a lot, but that means she has great conditioning. She told me that her brothers don’t play sports, instead they play video games. This is why she isn’t much into sports, but does enjoy the occasional adventure, and first player video games. We both agreed that the best system isn’t the ps3 or xbox, instead its the all mighty N64!

Lastly I asked her what where her thoughts on art. She responded by saying that art is an expression of everything, it can be ones feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It is inspirational, and a lot of people can have different perspectives on certain things. A great definition. Check her page out: http://www.savannahcheung.com

Until next time.

Week 9- Artist Interview- Sean Findley

Screenshot (67)

This week during the art galleries I saw a something that really stood out to me. Unfortunately my phone lost all the memory including the picture I had taken of Findley’s art. I was however, able to find his website and retrieve a picture that was is the same as the one shown Thursday at Csulb. I will also embed a link to his webpage at the end of this post, in case anyone is interested in his work.

Personally I feel that this picture has a strong meaning towards it and can appeal to a lot of people. The reason why is, because 60-70 million people eat at McDonald’s each day according to the McDonald’s website. In the picture we see two things that stand out the food and religious candles, but what is Findley trying to accomplish with this? I can only give my personal analysis, because Findley wasn’t at Csulb the day I saw this his art. I believe that Findley is trying to imply that people worship fast food, like McDonalds. I strongly believe with this, because every time I bring up how bad McDonald’s is for people, they get on the offensive and defended it with what sometimes seems a sword and shield. To these people fast food is there god, but in reality it is an addiction that just keeps growing like any other addiction. Something else I believe he was trying to get across is that Fast Food is a major cause of deaths. Four of the top ten major causes of death have to do with eating unhealthy and the number one being heart diseases which lead right back to unhealthy life styles. This can be why he placed candles in order to pay respects towards the people who have died because of fast food.

Check out his page: www.seanfindley.net

Week 8- Artist Interview- Christopher Michael Linquata

This week in the galleries I noticed three paintings that caught my eye. These paintings were created by Christopher Linquata and was not at the galleries this week. However I can try and analyze the paintings on my own perspective and I have found some information regarding Christopher Linquata, which I will be sharing later on the post.

To start off we have three very distinct paintings one of a pregnant woman sitting on a yoga mat while she leanings on what seems to be a yoga ball or medicine ball. Next we have two guys sitting on stairs leaning on a box. Finally we come to the last painting of a male and a female that happen to be whispering something in a alley.

The first painting (pregnant woman) immediately when I saw it I felt sort of depressed. The woman’s facial expressions are intriguing she seems to be sad for some reason. I can only guess that she is depressed because of the weight she has gained during pregnancy that is why she is next to a yoga/medicine ball and a yoga mat. She probably feels insecure about her body and wants t achieve a certain goal.

The next picture (two men on stairs) brings a lot of curiosity into my imagination. One imaginative thought is that the two men are a couple and and have decided to move in with each other, but they have encountered a conflict, this is why they are both sitting on stairs looking opposite directions. The stairs represent whether they continue to the dream/goal they have or they leave there separate ways. Another thought is that both men are friends that share different views and cannot come to a decisions on something. Regardless the meaning I’m curious to know what the box holds within.

Finally we come to the last painting. The male is whispering something into the females ear, but what could this be? Notice that they are in a alley and usually allies are depicted as shady environments. Also you can see the man has an Italian symbol on his shoulder and that the woman seems to have a really round stomach maybe she’s pregnant. Regardless the painting is really well done.

The author of these paintings has spent time in Italy studying at the Lorenzo D’ Medici in Florence, and is currently in the Figurative Drawing and Painting program at Csulb. That is about all that I was able to find.

Week 8- Activity- E-portfolio

Screenshot (59)This week we needed to change our profiles theme and create an E-portfolio for the class. The option we had was to create something that leans towards our intended major. I currently do not have any projects that I could post on my intended major, so instead I leaned towards my hobby. The past theme I had was just a very plain white background with red outlining. It looked so boring to look at so I went with a new theme that does not look plain.

Screenshot (60)

This is the new theme I decided to apply. It is not extremely elegant, but it is not plain either. It sits between the two and stands out because it is simple and easy on the eyes. It also is very easy to navigate through making it for those who are not so good with technology to be able to know what they are doing.

Screenshot (61) Screenshot (62) Screenshot (63) Screenshot (64)

Finally, the portfolio part. As you can see I am into cars and it is one of my most passionate hobbies. It can range from body work, to electrical work, and even engine work. I decided to make an e-portfolio on this hobby of mine to show some of the cool projects I have done in the past to express my love for the art of cars.

Week 8- Classmate Interview- Vanessa Garcia


This week I got acquainted with an old friend Vanessa. I met Vanessa my first year at Csulb in our communication class then again in our English course. We really didn’t talk much in those classes just a simple hello every now and then. It was until this course that I got to find out a lot of interesting things about her that I would have never guessed. For instance she has three older brothers and two sisters, one of which is her twin! That was really interesting to find out I never would have guessed that she had a twin sister. She also pointed out that my friend and myself remind her a lot of her brothers because of the way we act, that’s really cool that we can remind her of her siblings.

A little background on Vanessa she is currently a sophomore at Csulb and planning to study on the field of Biology, which is a very interesting and awesome field. I wish I could do biology, but the human anatomy and all the other stuff tend to upset my stomach. Other then her field of study Vanessa really enjoys sleeping and who can blame her I wish I could get an extra 3-5 hours of sleep everyday. She hardly seems to find the time for this though because she works on Friday an the weekends.

Some interesting facts about Vanessa are that she attended Wilson High School and took two AP courses and originally wanted to get into USC, but had to rethink her decision as it was too expensive and she did not want to be in debt the rest of her life. She also confessed that she really isn’t fascinated about art, but that she does like ceramics very much. Well that is all for now, stop by Vanessa’s page here www.http://vanessssagrxx.wordpress.com/ thanks for viewing.

Week 7- Artist Interview- Kenita Hale

IMG_20141009_113102 IMG_20141009_113108 IMG_20141009_113131 IMG_20141009_113140 IMG_20141009_113203IMG_20141009_113152  IMG_20141009_113217

This week in the art galleries I came across a very interesting room that held some type of memorials for the dead. This reminded me a lot of “El Dia de Los Muertos“, which takes place on November second in the Hispanic culture. The background of this day is to remember the dead and pay respects to them, the process includes making sugar skulls, placing the favorite possessions of the deceased on a podium of some sort, having a picture of the deceased and finally adding candles. Kenita Hale’s art work bears a lot of similarities with this cultural event. For instance the faces that hang on the frames resemble the pictures that accompany them. This can be seen as the sugar skulls that are made on the day of the dead. Near every frame there were a lot of candles and some type of object. I saw a rosario, beer, mesh bag, and other objects I didn’t recognize these objects can be the personal belongings of the deceased or some of the stuff they held dear to them. Now there was something I couldn’t quite decipher and that is the circle with hands sticking out of it. I wish I could have spoken with the artist about her work, but she was in class and by the time she returned I had to attend other matters. Although I might be wrong with my analysis it indeed is something very interesting to look at and inspect.