Week 15- Artist Interview- BFA Exhibition

IMG_20141204_112330IMG_20141204_112342 IMG_20141207_205511

While seeing this weeks art galleries with my friend Marlyn we both saw something that made us feel a bit emotional. The person above with the child is Saul Vasquez and the child is his son Jayden Vasquez. I was a bit shocked to see this in the art galleries, but with further analysis I can see why it was there. First let me explain the back story and current problem of Saul. Saul days after his 19th birthday saw himself being deported by U.S Immigration leaving behind his one year old son. Saul was given a 10 year ban and to make matters worse no one from his family is allowed to see travel to Mexico. This happened in 2012 thus making it, so that he will not be able to see his child until 2022.

This is depressing the separation of families is something that should not be done, now Jayden will have to spend 10 years without a father. That is 10 birthdays he will miss, 10 Christmases, and 10 years of his life that he will not be able to regain. To see that our government can separate a child from their parents, just because they are “illegal” is absurd. I hope they never to get experience the separation of their children because it is just something you do not wish upon a person.

The author was trying to convey a message that deportations are not helping but instead hurting those that are close to us. This piece applies to the emotions of a persons and is used in a clever way to get the message across. The child speaking to his dad through the phone on a call that only lasted 1:47 minutes Is meant to show the little time they actually have to speak with one another. This is a strong emotional piece and could be that start of many confrontations, but the reality is we live in this type of world a world molded by those of power, and not by the hard working class. Hopefully one day this will change.


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