Week 12- Classmate Interview- Marlyn Castillo


This will be my last classmate interview for this course and I could not have asked for a better person to interview. This week I met Marlyn Castillo a Sophomore at Csulb. She initially came to The Beach to become a Social Worker, but instead is pursuing Health Science. She informed me that she wanted to be a nurse, but seeing as how impacted that field is that she rather try for something else. Getting to know her better I found out that she does not live all that far from me, well give or take 10 minutes. She lives in Huntington Park or I presume she does because she attended Huntington High. I figured she commuted since it wasn’t all that far, but she told me that the drive is a hassle because the freeway is far from her home, to which she told me that I was lucky because the freeway is closer to where I live haha.

While talking with Maryln I asked her what car she drove and she told me a 2008 Chevy Impala, to which I made a disappointed face LOL The reason why is because I am not a Chevrolet fan as I am more of a Ford and Dodge FanBoy haha It is then that I found out that she liked cars! I was surprised I had doubt in my mind that she might just be saying that, but no she actually knows her stuff car after car that I mentioned she knew that was awesome! She told me that she is more of an import person, but that is ok nobody is perfect LOL I say this because I am a muscle car enthusiast, but much respect to Marlyn for knowing her cars and about cars she just sky rocketed to one of my favorite people. Also she told me her next car might be an Infinity G35 or 37, but nah she should Invest in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat then she would be awesome to the max.

Marlyn has three sisters and now that I am looking at my notes I have 5 different ages for 3 sisters I think I might still have been flabbergasted about the whole car talk we had because that makes no sense. However I do remember that she is 21 and is one of the middle children along with one of her sisters. As for pets well she really isn’t much of an animal person, she told me she really doesn’t like them at all except her bunny she loves her bunny. She also told me she wanted to get a turtle, which is cool because I am looking to get a turtle as well once my baby fish are full grown. Couple more things about Marlyn she works at Payless Shoes, likes to watch YouTube videos, favorite color is pink, is Hispanic, doesn’t like nopales, likes soccer, and is into cars!! Check her page out if you want to get to know her more. Marlyn Castillo


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