Week 13- Classmate Interview- Conny Ramirez


Hi there fellow bloggers! This week I met a pretty cool person. Her name is Conny Ramirez. It was great that I got to meet her an talk with her since I came a little late to class and couldn’t find anyone to interview. Conny is currently a freshmen here at Csulb, and is currently undeclared. When I asked her if she had any thoughts of what she might want to major in she told me that she was leaning towards Human Development or Economics. That pretty cool hope she can achieve her goals at the Beach. Going deeper into the conversation I asked her what made her choose Csulb from other Universities and she told me that her brother is also a student at the Beach, so she decided it would be much easier if she attended the same school. I could really connect with her because my older sister also attends Csulb, which made me choose the Beach and my preferred campus.

I also asked Conny what she felt about the class and she told me that she really enjoys it and that she even switched out from a theater class to have the Art class which is awesome! However, she did confess that she doesn’t really like the conversations because she is a very timid person and can never really think of any questions to ask. This can be really hard for her but at the same time it is providing her with the chance to break out of that shell and become a social able person. Then we came to one of my favorite subjects sports! She told me that she really loves soccer and you could tell she does because she knows her teams and the leagues as well. She is a Madrid fan which is one of the best teams! Seeing as they won 4 nothing this past Saturday! Finally I asked her what she believed the meaning art was or what art is to her and she said that art is a bit confusing and that it is hard to analyze sometimes, but that it is so cool that art can be anything. If you want to know more about her check her page out at http://www.connyramirez.wordpress.com


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