Week 12- Classmate Interview- Oscar Rocha

This week I met Oscar Rocha during the time at the art galleries. It’s funny because when my friend and I approached him he immediately said “you’re from Compton huh.” I was baffled how he knew so quickly it completely slipped my mind to ask him how he knew I was from Compton, however I do wear a Compton cap, but was not wearing it that day so that might be how he knew. Anyways Oscar lives in Huntington Park or South Central in his words. He is currently studying under the field of Sociology which is pretty cool since one of my family members is doing the same. This is Oscar’s third year at Csulb and he really seems to like Cal Sate Long Beach. Although Csulb was not his first choice he decided to attend because it was an easier commute then San Diego and was not as expensive either.

Oscar is currently working as a barber, which is pretty cool because my old barber is planning on moving and I will be in need of a new one. He attended HP high school where he played football. He told me that it wasn’t because he liked the sport but rather because he needed a distraction to avoid bad habits in high school and it provided an escape from reality and provided a way to release anger and stress. It’s good that he was able to find a way to avoid the harsh life of high school, many people fall into bad habits and end up down the wrong road, Oscar is a prime example of the road less traveled and that is something to look up to.

If you get to know Oscar and talk with him he will tell you that his nickname is Kirby and that some friends and family call him that way. As for sports he really isn’t that much of a fan, but he does like to keep up with the latest news. Sadly we took the picture with his phone and did not trade numbers which is why I have no picture, But if you stop by his page you can see that we did indeed take one.  www.oscarivanrocha.wordpress.com/

Thanks for reading until next time.


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