Week 12 – Activity Feedback

Hey it’s that time of the year! Classes are almost over so as asked by Glenn here is my post regarding this class:

Three of the posts that I found really cool and interesting are Plaster casting, Graffiti, and Student Choice.

1. Plaster casting was fun and very interesting I never knew you could plaster in such a way. It also provided some knowledge on how to mix plaster so now you know how to fix wholes on your dry wall as well.

2. Graffiti was really cool I never really tried the lettering and getting to know the cultural background was very fun and even participating on doing our own throw up was really cool.

3. This was my favorite because I got to build something that I always wanted to do and it provided a cool way to discover new things about yourself like I never knew that I could finish something so quickly for a class haha.

Two posts I disliked.

1. Kick starter I really didn’t like this whats so ever I found it hard, annoying, and simply that if you have no ideas on what to do a kick starter for then you will not receive points.

2. French girls by far really irritated me! I hated how this was only on Iphone platform and not on android I could not find someone with an iphone because all the people I know apparently have androids, nonetheless I could not do this and was hurt for not having an iphone, but because I had an android. I even tried going to a carrier store to download the app, but apparently you can’t do that and got in trouble.

Other then the pros/cons I stated above the class was really fun and easy. I enjoyed meeting new people and finding out about them, and even discovering that many of us have many things in common. One of the best classes I’ve taking so far.


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