Week 11- Classmate Interview- Kiana Lightbourn


This week I met Kiana Lightbourn at the art galleries. When we spoke I found out interesting things about her that I would not have imagined if we had not spoke. This is Kiana’s first year at Csulb and decided to attend Csulb, because it was close to her home as she lives in Long Beach, which also means she is a commuter. Kiana comes from Wilson High School in Long Beach, I told her that I have met a lot of people that attend that school at Csulb, she told me it would make sense seeing as most of the students find it easier to attend this college because it’s close to home.

I asked Kiana what her favorite color was and to my surprise she said chrome and purple I expect it to be a shade of blue/green, well because her hair is a shade of blue/green. When I asked her what she thought of the class she told me it was easy, that all you have to do is show up interview people and do the projects, which are not hard at all. She does however wish that the class was more hands on, but she does not mind how the class is set up.

Kiana is the oldest of her siblings and the only one in college. She has 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother, I feel for the brother it sometimes can be lame when you dont have another brother, but I’m sure they have fun. Now this is the interesting part Kiana has a lot of pets like a lot. Lets start the list 4 cats, some dogs, 3 hamsters, 2 turtles, and some fish! Wow that is a lot of pets!  It makes sense that her major is Marine Biology. When I asked her if she had any allergies she said she thinks she might be allergic to blue cheese, which isn’t the end of the world that cheese is nasty.

Lastly Kiana loves pie!! Buy her pie! Except peach pie she does not like that pie!!

check out her blog: http://www.kianalightbourn.wordpress.com/


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