Week 10- Classmate Interview- Mimi Ly


Unfortunately I was unable to attend class this Thursday and missed out on the galleries. However I was able to obtain a classmate interview. Meet Mimi Ly she is currently a freshmen at Csulb, and is a Pre-Psychology major. I met her a few weeks ago when she arrived late to class, because her car over heated. It’s unfortunate that, that happened to her I really like cars, so when she told me that her car over heated I immediately thought of what could of happened. I came to a conclusion that it either needed oil, the radiator blew or didn’t have water, or due to the hot weather. Of course I didn’t get to tell her this, but I certainly hope she got it fixed.

Mimi as stated above is a freshmen at Csulb and like all people know already when you go to Soar you are stuck with Monday through Friday classes, which really sucks. She is from Westminster, Ca for those who don’t know were that is, it is the half way point from Csulb to Santa Ana. Seeing as it is only a 15-20 minute drive she commutes instead of dorming to save money. Mimi graduated from La Quinta High School, and intresting fact about her is that she took AP classes while in high school and was able to pass and get college credit for them meaning she knocked out some of her GE’s already. That was a very smart thing to do looking back I regret only taking one AP class. Another thing is that she’s currently a Hostess at Gen Korean Barbeque, I never heard of that place before, but Mimi says it’s a good place to eat so I shall try it someday. Aside from that Mimi’s favorite food is Sushi! I could not argue with her, because sushi is really good and is one of my favorite foods.

Mimi told me that she likes dogs and that she currently has 4 dogs! That’s a lot of dogs I can barely handle the two that I have. Her dogs names are Tyrone, Henry, Cornelius, and Mimi Jr. I chucked at the last dogs name. Aside from her pets Mimi likes Psychological Thrillers, it’s a no brainier since she is a psychology major. Her Favorite music include, Indie, Rock, Alternative, and EDM. I have no idea what EDM is as I do not keep up with the new music, but maybe it’s not bad and will give it a try. Overall meeting Mimi was a great experience wish her the best in her college and personal life.

Check her page out: www.hellomimily.wordpress.com/


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