Week 9- Classmate Interview- Savannah Cheung


This week I met a really cool person, her name Savannah Cheung. Savannah is really easy to talk to and has a great personality that I’m sure anyone could get along with. Savannah is currently a freshmen here at Csulb and is undeclared, but is leaning towards a major that has to do with design. She is originally from Rosemead, California. I had a confused face when she told me that because I’ve never heard of that place. She laughed and told me that if I didn’t know where it was to just know that it was near Pasadena. Still curious I ended up searching it up and found out that it indeed is near Pasadena and not far from what I originally thought. It still is quite far though, and this is why Savannah dorms.

While talking with her I found out she has two brothers an older brother and a younger brother, which means she is the middle child! This is really cool because I am the middle child in my family as well, but instead of two brothers I have two sisters, and you know what they say the middle children are always the best! I also found out that she rather play sports then watch them, but that she really isn’t into sports, she did however run track and cross country for her high school which is really hard, well for me since cross country is a lot of running like a lot, but that means she has great conditioning. She told me that her brothers don’t play sports, instead they play video games. This is why she isn’t much into sports, but does enjoy the occasional adventure, and first player video games. We both agreed that the best system isn’t the ps3 or xbox, instead its the all mighty N64!

Lastly I asked her what where her thoughts on art. She responded by saying that art is an expression of everything, it can be ones feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It is inspirational, and a lot of people can have different perspectives on certain things. A great definition. Check her page out: http://www.savannahcheung.com

Until next time.


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