Week 9- Artist Interview- Sean Findley

Screenshot (67)

This week during the art galleries I saw a something that really stood out to me. Unfortunately my phone lost all the memory including the picture I had taken of Findley’s art. I was however, able to find his website and retrieve a picture that was is the same as the one shown Thursday at Csulb. I will also embed a link to his webpage at the end of this post, in case anyone is interested in his work.

Personally I feel that this picture has a strong meaning towards it and can appeal to a lot of people. The reason why is, because 60-70 million people eat at McDonald’s each day according to the McDonald’s website. In the picture we see two things that stand out the food and religious candles, but what is Findley trying to accomplish with this? I can only give my personal analysis, because Findley wasn’t at Csulb the day I saw this his art. I believe that Findley is trying to imply that people worship fast food, like McDonalds. I strongly believe with this, because every time I bring up how bad McDonald’s is for people, they get on the offensive and defended it with what sometimes seems a sword and shield. To these people fast food is there god, but in reality it is an addiction that just keeps growing like any other addiction. Something else I believe he was trying to get across is that Fast Food is a major cause of deaths. Four of the top ten major causes of death have to do with eating unhealthy and the number one being heart diseases which lead right back to unhealthy life styles. This can be why he placed candles in order to pay respects towards the people who have died because of fast food.

Check out his page: www.seanfindley.net


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