Week 8- Artist Interview- Christopher Michael Linquata

This week in the galleries I noticed three paintings that caught my eye. These paintings were created by Christopher Linquata and was not at the galleries this week. However I can try and analyze the paintings on my own perspective and I have found some information regarding Christopher Linquata, which I will be sharing later on the post.

To start off we have three very distinct paintings one of a pregnant woman sitting on a yoga mat while she leanings on what seems to be a yoga ball or medicine ball. Next we have two guys sitting on stairs leaning on a box. Finally we come to the last painting of a male and a female that happen to be whispering something in a alley.

The first painting (pregnant woman) immediately when I saw it I felt sort of depressed. The woman’s facial expressions are intriguing she seems to be sad for some reason. I can only guess that she is depressed because of the weight she has gained during pregnancy that is why she is next to a yoga/medicine ball and a yoga mat. She probably feels insecure about her body and wants t achieve a certain goal.

The next picture (two men on stairs) brings a lot of curiosity into my imagination. One imaginative thought is that the two men are a couple and and have decided to move in with each other, but they have encountered a conflict, this is why they are both sitting on stairs looking opposite directions. The stairs represent whether they continue to the dream/goal they have or they leave there separate ways. Another thought is that both men are friends that share different views and cannot come to a decisions on something. Regardless the meaning I’m curious to know what the box holds within.

Finally we come to the last painting. The male is whispering something into the females ear, but what could this be? Notice that they are in a alley and usually allies are depicted as shady environments. Also you can see the man has an Italian symbol on his shoulder and that the woman seems to have a really round stomach maybe she’s pregnant. Regardless the painting is really well done.

The author of these paintings has spent time in Italy studying at the Lorenzo D’ Medici in Florence, and is currently in the Figurative Drawing and Painting program at Csulb. That is about all that I was able to find.


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