Week 8- Activity- E-portfolio

Screenshot (59)This week we needed to change our profiles theme and create an E-portfolio for the class. The option we had was to create something that leans towards our intended major. I currently do not have any projects that I could post on my intended major, so instead I leaned towards my hobby. The past theme I had was just a very plain white background with red outlining. It looked so boring to look at so I went with a new theme that does not look plain.

Screenshot (60)

This is the new theme I decided to apply. It is not extremely elegant, but it is not plain either. It sits between the two and stands out because it is simple and easy on the eyes. It also is very easy to navigate through making it for those who are not so good with technology to be able to know what they are doing.

Screenshot (61) Screenshot (62) Screenshot (63) Screenshot (64)

Finally, the portfolio part. As you can see I am into cars and it is one of my most passionate hobbies. It can range from body work, to electrical work, and even engine work. I decided to make an e-portfolio on this hobby of mine to show some of the cool projects I have done in the past to express my love for the art of cars.


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