Week 8- Classmate Interview- Vanessa Garcia


This week I got acquainted with an old friend Vanessa. I met Vanessa my first year at Csulb in our communication class then again in our English course. We really didn’t talk much in those classes just a simple hello every now and then. It was until this course that I got to find out a lot of interesting things about her that I would have never guessed. For instance she has three older brothers and two sisters, one of which is her twin! That was really interesting to find out I never would have guessed that she had a twin sister. She also pointed out that my friend and myself remind her a lot of her brothers because of the way we act, that’s really cool that we can remind her of her siblings.

A little background on Vanessa she is currently a sophomore at Csulb and planning to study on the field of Biology, which is a very interesting and awesome field. I wish I could do biology, but the human anatomy and all the other stuff tend to upset my stomach. Other then her field of study Vanessa really enjoys sleeping and who can blame her I wish I could get an extra 3-5 hours of sleep everyday. She hardly seems to find the time for this though because she works on Friday an the weekends.

Some interesting facts about Vanessa are that she attended Wilson High School and took two AP courses and originally wanted to get into USC, but had to rethink her decision as it was too expensive and she did not want to be in debt the rest of her life. She also confessed that she really isn’t fascinated about art, but that she does like ceramics very much. Well that is all for now, stop by Vanessa’s page here www.http://vanessssagrxx.wordpress.com/ thanks for viewing.


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