Week 7- Classmate Interview- Minerva Madrigal


This week I met an interesting person in my Art 110 class. Her name is Minerva Madrigal, and is currently a sophomore at CSULB studying in the field of Sociology. When I told her my name I was surprised that she could pronounce it perfectly, she then told me that she had a cousin named Uriel, I found that really cool since I’ve never heard of another person with the same name as me. We talked about a lot of stuff and got along really good, it was like if I was talking to an old friend. We noticed that we had a lot if things in common, for instance we both really enjoy Johnny Depp movies, which brings me to Minerva’s favorite movie Edward Scissor Hands, which is a great movie and you should watch it if you haven’t already.

Minerva is currently in the art club at Csulb, she told me that she really enjoys drawing and art for that reason she took this class to get more out of it. She does wish she could draw more however, and seen as she’s a college student now she hardly has free time to explore her hobbies. We both agreed that the phrase “broke college students” was a perfect fit for our situation, as we both commute to school and currently have no job. This is why we started our own club BBSS “Broke Back Student Squad”.

Getting back on track Minerva and I also notice that we both enjoy music, comedy movies, and something that I hold really dear to my heart Dragon Ball Z! She likes Dragon Ball Z, from that moment I knew we would be good friends, but she also enjoys the tv show That 70’s Show, which is a great comedy show. We talked about our pets for a while and she told me she had a shih tzu that was half blind, but that she really loved her dog. One last thing about her, she really enjoys the company of her grandma and spends most of her time with her, which is really caring on her part. That’s all for now, there is a lot more we talked about, so if you want to get to know her more stop by her page at: http://www.minervamadrigal93.wordpress.com/ and say hi to her if you see her you wont regret it.


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