Week 7- Artist Interview- Kenita Hale

IMG_20141009_113102 IMG_20141009_113108 IMG_20141009_113131 IMG_20141009_113140 IMG_20141009_113203IMG_20141009_113152  IMG_20141009_113217

This week in the art galleries I came across a very interesting room that held some type of memorials for the dead. This reminded me a lot of “El Dia de Los Muertos“, which takes place on November second in the Hispanic culture. The background of this day is to remember the dead and pay respects to them, the process includes making sugar skulls, placing the favorite possessions of the deceased on a podium of some sort, having a picture of the deceased and finally adding candles. Kenita Hale’s art work bears a lot of similarities with this cultural event. For instance the faces that hang on the frames resemble the pictures that accompany them. This can be seen as the sugar skulls that are made on the day of the dead. Near every frame there were a lot of candles and some type of object. I saw a rosario, beer, mesh bag, and other objects I didn’t recognize these objects can be the personal belongings of the deceased or some of the stuff they held dear to them. Now there was something I couldn’t quite decipher and that is the circle with hands sticking out of it. I wish I could have spoken with the artist about her work, but she was in class and by the time she returned I had to attend other matters. Although I might be wrong with my analysis it indeed is something very interesting to look at and inspect.


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