Week 6- Classmate Interview- Devante Lindsey


This week I met Devante and we got along really good. During our conversation we discovered that we had many things in common, which just led to interesting conversations. A little about Devante’s background he originally comes from Poly High in Long Beach California. He is a current Junior at Csulb and is a Pre-Nursing major, when we talked about school he told me that he took classes at El Camino during the summer, which used to be known as Compton College, the rest of his three years he has spent at CSULB. Devante also enjoys sports he told me that he rather play them then to watch them, when it comes down to his favorite it is between football and basketball. I asked him what his favorite basketball team was and he said the Boston Celtics, which made me really happpy seeing as I am a Celtics fan as well. After we talked about sports he asked me if I had any hobbies and when I told him that I loved cars he immediately told me that he liked muscle cars, which is awesome because the muscle car branch is by far my favorite! This led to him showing me a picture of a old mustang that he took on his phone, I told him that I believed it was a 50’s but later that day I realized I was completely wrong! Devante if you read this it was an 80s mustang. Other then cars we also discovered that we share the same taste in food as we both really enjoy the chilicheese fries.

Now we didn’t only talk about ourselves during this conversation we also talked about art and the class. Devante told me that he really enjoys this class because not only is it fun, but it is easy as well. When I asked him what was his meaning of art he told me that art is a way that people can show their deep emotions. He also let me know that art really wasn’t his thing, but that he did enjoy some art from the galleries, for example the sculptures that we had I believe two weeks ago of human bodies, and a painting of a lake I didn’t get to see that painting but I’m sure it was nice. If you want to know more about Devante check him out in his page: http://www.devantelindsey.wordpress.com/


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