Week 6- Artist Interview- Isaiah Ulloa

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This week I found the art Labyrinth very interesting so I decided I would do my blog post on this piece of art. My own perspective before I speak on the artist’s view. When entering the gallery you are immediately greeted with a sense that you are in the snow, which is pretty cool since I really never seeing snow. While walking with my friend Devante he spotted a strange figure on a pedestal which happened to be a face, I did not notice it at first, but with further inspection I did see that it was a face, It was really fascinating but at the same time freaked me out. A little further into the room you notice a body that seemed resemble a dead body completely frozen. next to it there seemed to be some type of bone which was really strange and could not figure out how it tied in. After inspecting all the different piece we proceeded to interview Isaiah Ulloa the artist of the snow art.

When we got to interview Isaiah we asked him what the sculptures were made of and he said foam, but a specific type of foam, which I did not recognize. What was really interesting is when we asked him about the body he relieved to us that it was his body, that he just made a mold of it and then used a 3D printer to create the actual form. He also said that the face on the pedestal was his face that he also took a mold of it and deformed the face. When I asked him what was his inspiration behind his art he said that it fascinates him how far technology has come, how far computers have advanced, that he wanted to take advantage of that and use it to his benefits. Someone who was presents asked him how long did the project take to complete he said that to organize everything how they wanted to it took about a month, but overall the entire project took longer to complete. When we asked him if he ran into any trouble he said that the face had more to it but that the printer stopped working, however the face was printed and was strong enough to stand by itself without the rest of the pieces. Overall this was an interesting art project which I really enjoyed.


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