Week 5- Classmate Conversation- Kevin Lee


Hello there fellow bloggers and classmates today I will be introducing a friend I met in my Art 110 class. The person I’m talking about is Kevin Lee a freshmen at CSULB. A little about Kevin’s background he is originally from Cerritos and attended Cerritos High School . He has one older brother that is currently attending UCI, and is looking into the field of Business as a potential major. When we began to talk about our hobbies and things we liked, we noticed that we had quite a few differences, nevertheless we got along quite well. When it came down to music Kevin told me that he likes HIP-HOP and is his favorite genre. Now HIP-HOP is a great Genre to listen to with a variety of different artist, but I tend to lean more towards Rap/Hip-Hop. When we talked about our hobbies Kevin told me that he likes to play Basketball and played for his school. Now as you guys may already know I’m no that good at basketball but I do like to watch the games, when I asked him about his favorite team he told me OKC, which is a great team.

After talking for a while about ourselves we decided to talk about art and what it meant. Kevin said that art is someones own way to express themselves and that in reality anyone can do it, that we are all artist. He has a point I never really thought about art like that. Even though we might not be expert painters, or creators of sculptures art can be anything we want it to and create. If you have the chance stop by Kevin’s page or when you see him Thursdays tell him hi.



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