Week 5 – Artist Interview- Colin Thompson


This week in the art Galleries I saw a very Intriguing piece of art on a pedestal. It was two pictures, but unlike the occasional pictures that are hung from the wall this one was laid flat on a horizontal surface. What really caught my eye were the bends and distortions the artist made on the frame, so it wasn’t a flat piece instead it looked like a three dimensional picture. When I leaned in and looked closely at the edges of the frame I noticed that it was a piece of some type of paper placed over a thin plate of aluminium. It was obvious at that point how the artist made such great bends to the art. Something else that caught my eye were the pictures in the frame. They were ordinary stuff that we see every day. The corner of a wall, a door stopper, and crown molding from what seemed to be a door. Now what was really interesting was the 45 degree fold on the picture that should the corner of the wall it was really interesting to see how the wall just bent with the picture as if it really looked that way.

When I spoke to Colin I found out that he graduate this semester. Congrats Colin wish you the best in future en devours. I also asked him what was his inspiration his motivation, and he said that he wanted to get away from having the traditional flat photo to something different. He also told me that he had a previous project that was meant to push the meaning of photography to something that wasn’t seen as much. He also told me that the objects in the picture were just everyday ordinary things that people look at, at least once during the day and that they came from his apartment. The pictures if you see closely have a greenish color, which he said was a printing mistake, but that he liked how it looked so he kept it.


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