Week 4- Classmate Conversation- Tyler Muronaka


This week I met Tyler Muronaka in my Art 110 class. He is a very interesting person to talk with and got along quite well. I found out that he is a freshmen at Csulb and comes from Torrance. While we talked we discovered that we had some interests as well as some differences. For instance he likes to play almost any sport, but has trouble paying soccer, while I like to play soccer the most rather than other sports. However we did find a common ground and found out that we both like basketball, but he plays the sport I just like to watch. My new friend likes to root for the Oklahoma City Thunder, which is a great team! Yet I still prefer the Boston Celtics.

Tyler is currently a film major at Csulb, which is great he is pursing what he loves the most. At least now I know who to go to when I want to start as a protagonist in a film. Tyler is a really easy going person, we talked a lot before class started and it was simple to get along, which is great you can tell he is a sociable person. When I asked him what he thought about art he simply said that it was a way to express ones self in a variety of ways. I hope to stay in touch with Tyler because of how good we both got along and wouldn’t mind to see if we have any more similarities. If you have time stop by his page at:  http://tylermuronaka.wordpress.com/about/  just so you can get to know him a bit more and see what he is into.


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