Week 4- Artist Interview- Maccabee Shelley

IMG_20140918_110340 IMG_20140918_110404 IMG_20140918_110530 IMG_20140918_110659 IMG_20140918_111450

This week I found Maccabee Shelley’s art very interesting and unique. As soon as I walked into the gallery I instantly knew that his art was going to be on my blog. The variety of glass sculptures was very astonishing and very exquisite. At first glance you really can’t believe that his work is made out of glass bottles, at least I didn’t think they were made of that material until I asked him what they were made from. I was left speechless when he told me that they were made from simple glass bottles, like a soda bottle. He said that he melts the glass and pours it into different shapes that he wants to form. All the colors you see in the art is not paint but however it is the color of the glass bottles themselves. He did however admit to using pink paint for the base of some of his work.

This art is well made and you can see that he is passionate about his type of work, and it reflects his art. Such passion creates amazing things and his passion fuels the drive to make this different glass sculptures. I wanted to know what motivated him to do this, in other words I wanted to know what was his inspiration. When I asked him he said that he just loves glass, because it is beautiful, but yet destructive at the same time. When I looked at his arms I noticed that he had a lot of wounds some deep others on just the surface of the skin. This is when he said molding glass is just like having another cat, which is pretty funny. However he did add that if a bottle is beautiful then he most have it, because that also inspires him to create beautiful art.

I urge you to visit his page just so you can see some of his art: http://maccabeeshelley.com/

Thanks for your time until next time.


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