Week 4- Activity- Plaster Casting

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This week’s activity for my Art 110 class was very fun to do. The activity consisted of going to the beach and creating a Mold of our hand or feet from plaster. Well I decided to go with an old friend of mine who also had this class last semester. When we got to seal beach on Saturday we had a hard time finding everyone else, and after half an hour of searching we just picked a spot and started to dig wholes. On our first attempt we made the plaster very watery and the it destroyed the whole and mold we made. On the second attempted we decided to make three different mold two hands and one foot. When we mixed the plaster we weren’t sure if it was going to work or not after 4 minutes of stirring we saw that it was starting to harden and quickly poured the plaster into our three molds. After it dried  we dug them out and our finished product was revealed two half hands and a foot with three broken toes. We wanted to keep making more, but ran out of plaster and money for the time. Overall this was a great project that I would not mind doing again sometime in my life. That is all for now thanks for reading until next time.


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