Week 3 – Christopher Vavrek – Serve and Protect the Virus

CYMERA_20140911_111825 CYMERA_20140911_111839 CYMERA_20140911_111907 (1) CYMERA_20140911_111926 CYMERA_20140911_112209

While I was walking through this exhibition I felt as if I were inside a horror movie, the creativity of this piece was just something that really made you think. When you first walk into the exhibition you need to pass through dangling tentacles, which I think where pieces of a hose. As soon as you pass through there you see Tvs, computers, furniture, and so much more. The Televisions only played static no clear picture was seen on them. Stacks of computer cd drivers were stacked on top of one another, and next them also stacked on top of each other were paint buckets, you can also see a pile of computer power supplies on another side.

What I think is that this place is suppose to be some type of home to someone. The reason why is because of the couch that is present in exhibition. It could have been a lair that someone was using to view and analyze the current event that has struck the world. Given by the title I strongly believe that this current event was some type of virus that struck mankind. As if the person who created this virus was obsessed with it, wanting it to grow more and was helping it in some sort of way.

But also when I give it a second view I notice that it is all old technology. You do not see any laptops, smartphones, hdtvs, or current technology. It is all out of date tech, as if it where some type of graveyard for the technology we all use to consider modern at some point. Maybe the virus is not something that was meant literal. Maybe the virus is the creation of new technology and throwing away the old and we serve this technology we give it power by sub missing to it and letting it take over. This is what I believe, I could not find the author online nor was he present at the art gallery, but this piece is really powerful. Thank you Christopher.


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