Week 2- Classmate Conversation- FREDDY VARELA


Hello fellow classmates and bloggers today I will be introducing a fellow classmate of mine named Freddy Varela. I met Freddy the first week of class of this semester, but didn’t really introduced ourselves till now. While we spoke I found out that we had some similarities that we both shared, but also had our own personnel preferences on other things. For instances we had a nice conversation on the sports we liked and sports teams. I found out that Freddy likes both soccer and basketball, but rather then just liking and seeing the sports on TV he also enjoys to take part and play both of them. This is when we started talking about our favorite sports teams he roots for the Los Angeles Lakers, while I root for the Boston Celtics; which in my opinion are two of the best teams on the NBA. Freddy doesn’t only enjoy the comfort of sports he also likes to listen to underground music, which he prefers rather then the “mainstream” that is trending now. He enjoys such artist like Immortal Technique, which is another common thing we share. 

Besides Freddy’s interests we also had a conversation on the art that we both enjoyed. We both saw a piece of art on the wall Titled “Beautiful Nothings” By Audrey and thought it was unique in its own way. Freddy thought one piece of the art looked like if it where to be a piece of ice with animal hide. This made me think about a fluffy white bunny in the Artic for some reason. We both agreed, while hard to really make out what it could be, that it was a beautiful and intriguing piece of art. In reality it can be anything the viewer wants it to be just takes a little imagination and creativity.

An interesting thing about Freddy is that he is currently majoring in Recreational Therapy, but was originally pursing Electrical engineering until he found out what he was truly passionate about. Best of luck to you Freddy hope to stay friends with you and continue this journey in Art 110. 







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