Week 2- Relational Aesthetics- Instagram

Collage 2014-09-06 19_31_23Collage 2014-09-06 20_18_25

This week we had an interesting project. We were asked to take pictures of random things during the day and upload them on Instagram to see just how much everyone has in common and to analyze all the pictures that we had taken and see it has one giant portrait. It was fun seeing what other students in class had been up within the 24 hours of the day. Many posted pictures of the foods they ate, while others posted selfies, or activities they had been doing. I came to see this giant collage of pictures as one entity instead of just random pictures that someone posted up. We all share many things in common one of them is CSULB and how we are all a part of one giant family. For instance I too feel the anger of not being able to find a parking spot and having to drive around till I finally find one, and I’m sure many of my classmates feel the same. I can relate to those of my classmates who have to commute everyday to school, and having to pump gas in the morning sometimes only adding $10 to the tank. We all share something similar and you can find someone who shares your interests if you look at all the pictures, but we still do have differences. For instance some take notes on ipads/tablets while others prefer the traditional paper and pencil. Some dorm while others commute, we all enjoy different styles of foods, and have different pass times. Regardless of this I did notice everyone enjoys the occasional selfie. I’m glad I got to know a little more from every single one of my classmates even if I may not know who they are or how they look I know we all share many things in common. 

Till next time. 


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