Week 2 -Glamfa Artist- April Bey


While walking around in the art gallery I noticed a lot of interesting art pieces, but this is the one that caught my eye the most. The Artist that created this piece is named Audrey Bey, and while I would have loved to receive her feedback and inspiration for this piece it wasn’t possible this week. However, I can do my best to analyze the art and infer to the best of my abilities what she was trying to communicate across. 

The first picture on the left hand corner you see Beyonce in what seems to be a pair of panties and a short shirt that shows her naval. Now from my knowledge of the singer she is regarded as a beautiful and talented woman in the music industry. Most people also consider her a feminist. Now the artist ask’s the question “Who do you worship? Beyonce the feminist”. However, it is more of a “Why do you worship” question. Most people would answer because she’s beautiful and an amazing singer, but also others would argue that Beyonce is not a feminist, but instead that she exploits her body as a sex icon. I feel that the picture the artist decided to use really embraces the second opinion. She is seen partially naked in a sexual position, which is not being feminist, but rather using her body for man. Yet it this is okay because she is Beyonce. 

On the top right hand corner you see Hannah Horvath with the words, “Keep Calm Show Your tits”. This is a powerful message, although I have no Idea who this woman is I can infer much about this. In today’s age you see girls posting half naked pictures or exposing their breasts to the public, *I am not saying all woman/girls do this* but this seems to be fine because it is a trend. The artist does not support this, but I believe that since she sees that many girls are doing this, she believed that it was time to point it out and practically say “Hey stop worshiping this trash”. 

Which leads to the next picture of Miley Cyrus with the caption “Keep Calm and Glorify Trash”. Miley has many fans that adore her, but has questionable actions, however this seems to matter little to most of her fans as they do not care and keep glorifying her swag and degrading actions. How the Arthur ends this piece of art is quite interesting. She ends with a caption over Washington’s White Hat picture saying “Keep Calm we’re all evil”. This has me believe that she is saying that the four woman in the art piece are not to be worshiped because they are evil in some type of way. A nice a strong ending pretty interesting April.

To conclude, I looked up April Bey and found out that she believes that today’s media is full of trash and it is because of this trash that we can relate to one another more. The reason why is because we follow these trends and these artist and make us share a common thing, but in reality its nothing but trash. 


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