Week 1 Glamfa Artist – Shelbi Schroeder


While I was looking through the different art galleries at CSULB Indefinite Obsession was the one piece of art that really stood out to me. At first glance you might just see a half naked woman, but while viewing the portrait further a more realistic interpretation is achieved. I noticed the the woman in the photo is standing at an angle, covering her self, and glaring at the mirror with a look of depression in her eyes. The woman in the portrait seems to be struggling with herself believing that her body is not good enough for todays standards. Implying that in today’s age most people associate beauty with the slimness of ones body and not for what is really important; loving yourself. She is also hiding her body with her arms wrapped around herself. This can mean that she does not feel comfortable in her own body and decides to hide it by wrapping herself with her arms or she is trying to comfort herself because the gesture of wrapping your arms can mean you are trying to stay warm and not feel lonely .

This is a really powerful image and can open the eyes of those who take the time to admire and think about the true meaning of it. I hope more people get to see the beauty of this portrait and the message it sends. That beauty is not the slimness of ones body, nor the curves of the human figure, but what truly makes someone beautiful is loving yourself for who you are not for what you can become. The human body is a piece of art itself it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Shelbi Schroeder believes this to be true that the human body is a representation of art and as she said herself, “My body is my subject. I use it as a tool within the spaces to express the exhaustion of being held responsible for my own form.” Our bodies are our own forms and we can choose to so with them as we please. Thank you Shelbi Schroeder for this wonderful piece of art. 


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