Week 1 – Classmate Conversation – Kelsey Aparicio

 Screenshot (55)

Hello fellow bloggers, I’m going to be introducing a fellow classmate that I met at CSULB on behave of my art class. The person that I had an exciting conversation with was Kelsey Aparicio. She is a interesting person that has traveled and seen many fascinating places during her life. In fact when she was mentioning all the places she’s been to I ended up losing count, however I was able to list someone some of these places which are: Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Michigan, and Tijuana. While we both walked through the galleries we talked about the different styles of art people had, to which I asked her what she believed art was. She told me she believes that art is all around us, but that we hardly see it because we do not pay attention to it. That art itself is a language of its own. Some really strong words that made me think about art in a different way that I had before. I had forgot to ask her which art piece she was interested in the most, but notice that her eye caught the art piece that had the bicycle chairs.  

Well other then our conversation I decided to gather more information about her and found out that she was a sophomore at CSULB and that we have some friends in common; its a small world. She is originally a Hollywood baby, and her birthday just passed two weeks ago making her a Leo just like me, no wonder we got along so well. Another reason why I say she is so interesting is because she has varies hobbies and played a lot of sports. The one sport we both shared in common was soccer, which she really loves to play, but the other sports she use to take part in were Karate and Swimming. She also likes to work out, and eat another thing we both share in common! We both love to eat! One more thing if you ever want to get on her good side bring her some cotton candy ice cream or pupusas. 

Tell Next time (:


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