Week 15- Artist Interview- BFA Exhibition

IMG_20141204_112330IMG_20141204_112342 IMG_20141207_205511

While seeing this weeks art galleries with my friend Marlyn we both saw something that made us feel a bit emotional. The person above with the child is Saul Vasquez and the child is his son Jayden Vasquez. I was a bit shocked to see this in the art galleries, but with further analysis I can see why it was there. First let me explain the back story and current problem of Saul. Saul days after his 19th birthday saw himself being deported by U.S Immigration leaving behind his one year old son. Saul was given a 10 year ban and to make matters worse no one from his family is allowed to see travel to Mexico. This happened in 2012 thus making it, so that he will not be able to see his child until 2022.

This is depressing the separation of families is something that should not be done, now Jayden will have to spend 10 years without a father. That is 10 birthdays he will miss, 10 Christmases, and 10 years of his life that he will not be able to regain. To see that our government can separate a child from their parents, just because they are “illegal” is absurd. I hope they never to get experience the separation of their children because it is just something you do not wish upon a person.

The author was trying to convey a message that deportations are not helping but instead hurting those that are close to us. This piece applies to the emotions of a persons and is used in a clever way to get the message across. The child speaking to his dad through the phone on a call that only lasted 1:47 minutes Is meant to show the little time they actually have to speak with one another. This is a strong emotional piece and could be that start of many confrontations, but the reality is we live in this type of world a world molded by those of power, and not by the hard working class. Hopefully one day this will change.


Week 12- Classmate Interview- Marlyn Castillo


This will be my last classmate interview for this course and I could not have asked for a better person to interview. This week I met Marlyn Castillo a Sophomore at Csulb. She initially came to The Beach to become a Social Worker, but instead is pursuing Health Science. She informed me that she wanted to be a nurse, but seeing as how impacted that field is that she rather try for something else. Getting to know her better I found out that she does not live all that far from me, well give or take 10 minutes. She lives in Huntington Park or I presume she does because she attended Huntington High. I figured she commuted since it wasn’t all that far, but she told me that the drive is a hassle because the freeway is far from her home, to which she told me that I was lucky because the freeway is closer to where I live haha.

While talking with Maryln I asked her what car she drove and she told me a 2008 Chevy Impala, to which I made a disappointed face LOL The reason why is because I am not a Chevrolet fan as I am more of a Ford and Dodge FanBoy haha It is then that I found out that she liked cars! I was surprised I had doubt in my mind that she might just be saying that, but no she actually knows her stuff car after car that I mentioned she knew that was awesome! She told me that she is more of an import person, but that is ok nobody is perfect LOL I say this because I am a muscle car enthusiast, but much respect to Marlyn for knowing her cars and about cars she just sky rocketed to one of my favorite people. Also she told me her next car might be an Infinity G35 or 37, but nah she should Invest in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat then she would be awesome to the max.

Marlyn has three sisters and now that I am looking at my notes I have 5 different ages for 3 sisters I think I might still have been flabbergasted about the whole car talk we had because that makes no sense. However I do remember that she is 21 and is one of the middle children along with one of her sisters. As for pets well she really isn’t much of an animal person, she told me she really doesn’t like them at all except her bunny she loves her bunny. She also told me she wanted to get a turtle, which is cool because I am looking to get a turtle as well once my baby fish are full grown. Couple more things about Marlyn she works at Payless Shoes, likes to watch YouTube videos, favorite color is pink, is Hispanic, doesn’t like nopales, likes soccer, and is into cars!! Check her page out if you want to get to know her more. Marlyn Castillo

Week 13- Classmate Interview- Conny Ramirez


Hi there fellow bloggers! This week I met a pretty cool person. Her name is Conny Ramirez. It was great that I got to meet her an talk with her since I came a little late to class and couldn’t find anyone to interview. Conny is currently a freshmen here at Csulb, and is currently undeclared. When I asked her if she had any thoughts of what she might want to major in she told me that she was leaning towards Human Development or Economics. That pretty cool hope she can achieve her goals at the Beach. Going deeper into the conversation I asked her what made her choose Csulb from other Universities and she told me that her brother is also a student at the Beach, so she decided it would be much easier if she attended the same school. I could really connect with her because my older sister also attends Csulb, which made me choose the Beach and my preferred campus.

I also asked Conny what she felt about the class and she told me that she really enjoys it and that she even switched out from a theater class to have the Art class which is awesome! However, she did confess that she doesn’t really like the conversations because she is a very timid person and can never really think of any questions to ask. This can be really hard for her but at the same time it is providing her with the chance to break out of that shell and become a social able person. Then we came to one of my favorite subjects sports! She told me that she really loves soccer and you could tell she does because she knows her teams and the leagues as well. She is a Madrid fan which is one of the best teams! Seeing as they won 4 nothing this past Saturday! Finally I asked her what she believed the meaning art was or what art is to her and she said that art is a bit confusing and that it is hard to analyze sometimes, but that it is so cool that art can be anything. If you want to know more about her check her page out at http://www.connyramirez.wordpress.com

Week 12 – Activity Feedback

Hey it’s that time of the year! Classes are almost over so as asked by Glenn here is my post regarding this class:

Three of the posts that I found really cool and interesting are Plaster casting, Graffiti, and Student Choice.

1. Plaster casting was fun and very interesting I never knew you could plaster in such a way. It also provided some knowledge on how to mix plaster so now you know how to fix wholes on your dry wall as well.

2. Graffiti was really cool I never really tried the lettering and getting to know the cultural background was very fun and even participating on doing our own throw up was really cool.

3. This was my favorite because I got to build something that I always wanted to do and it provided a cool way to discover new things about yourself like I never knew that I could finish something so quickly for a class haha.

Two posts I disliked.

1. Kick starter I really didn’t like this whats so ever I found it hard, annoying, and simply that if you have no ideas on what to do a kick starter for then you will not receive points.

2. French girls by far really irritated me! I hated how this was only on Iphone platform and not on android I could not find someone with an iphone because all the people I know apparently have androids, nonetheless I could not do this and was hurt for not having an iphone, but because I had an android. I even tried going to a carrier store to download the app, but apparently you can’t do that and got in trouble.

Other then the pros/cons I stated above the class was really fun and easy. I enjoyed meeting new people and finding out about them, and even discovering that many of us have many things in common. One of the best classes I’ve taking so far.

Week 12- Classmate Interview- Oscar Rocha

This week I met Oscar Rocha during the time at the art galleries. It’s funny because when my friend and I approached him he immediately said “you’re from Compton huh.” I was baffled how he knew so quickly it completely slipped my mind to ask him how he knew I was from Compton, however I do wear a Compton cap, but was not wearing it that day so that might be how he knew. Anyways Oscar lives in Huntington Park or South Central in his words. He is currently studying under the field of Sociology which is pretty cool since one of my family members is doing the same. This is Oscar’s third year at Csulb and he really seems to like Cal Sate Long Beach. Although Csulb was not his first choice he decided to attend because it was an easier commute then San Diego and was not as expensive either.

Oscar is currently working as a barber, which is pretty cool because my old barber is planning on moving and I will be in need of a new one. He attended HP high school where he played football. He told me that it wasn’t because he liked the sport but rather because he needed a distraction to avoid bad habits in high school and it provided an escape from reality and provided a way to release anger and stress. It’s good that he was able to find a way to avoid the harsh life of high school, many people fall into bad habits and end up down the wrong road, Oscar is a prime example of the road less traveled and that is something to look up to.

If you get to know Oscar and talk with him he will tell you that his nickname is Kirby and that some friends and family call him that way. As for sports he really isn’t that much of a fan, but he does like to keep up with the latest news. Sadly we took the picture with his phone and did not trade numbers which is why I have no picture, But if you stop by his page you can see that we did indeed take one.  www.oscarivanrocha.wordpress.com/

Thanks for reading until next time.

Week 11- Classmate Interview- Kiana Lightbourn


This week I met Kiana Lightbourn at the art galleries. When we spoke I found out interesting things about her that I would not have imagined if we had not spoke. This is Kiana’s first year at Csulb and decided to attend Csulb, because it was close to her home as she lives in Long Beach, which also means she is a commuter. Kiana comes from Wilson High School in Long Beach, I told her that I have met a lot of people that attend that school at Csulb, she told me it would make sense seeing as most of the students find it easier to attend this college because it’s close to home.

I asked Kiana what her favorite color was and to my surprise she said chrome and purple I expect it to be a shade of blue/green, well because her hair is a shade of blue/green. When I asked her what she thought of the class she told me it was easy, that all you have to do is show up interview people and do the projects, which are not hard at all. She does however wish that the class was more hands on, but she does not mind how the class is set up.

Kiana is the oldest of her siblings and the only one in college. She has 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother, I feel for the brother it sometimes can be lame when you dont have another brother, but I’m sure they have fun. Now this is the interesting part Kiana has a lot of pets like a lot. Lets start the list 4 cats, some dogs, 3 hamsters, 2 turtles, and some fish! Wow that is a lot of pets!  It makes sense that her major is Marine Biology. When I asked her if she had any allergies she said she thinks she might be allergic to blue cheese, which isn’t the end of the world that cheese is nasty.

Lastly Kiana loves pie!! Buy her pie! Except peach pie she does not like that pie!!

check out her blog: http://www.kianalightbourn.wordpress.com/